Dive Sites

Diani Beach and Kenya’s southern coast offer some of the country’s best dive sites. We visit the best dives sites depending on the tide and weather forecast of the day. All the beautiful dive sites are in direct proximity. Explore them with us ……

Alpha Funguo Wreck

North of our Dive center, 15 min of navigation depending on the current . This wreck, a 48 m trawler, was the first to be sunk on the East African coast in the early 2000s. Marine life in all its forms has already taken possession of this new “habitat”

The dive is between -17 m and -28 m.


South of our Dive center, 30 min of navigation depending on the current. One of our favorite dive site.

The main reef, easy to access on a daily basis, begins at -10 m and ends in the -30 m zone, the reef is varied (gentle slopes and steep walls).

A little further south is another, smaller reef. Specificity of this one, it is populated by very large moray eels (-20 m).

Maisha Marefu

North of our Dive center, 30 min of navigation depending on the current. Set of coral potatoes on a sandy bottom.

Dive between -8 m and -30 m.

Ideal site for observing whale sharks during the season.

WAA (Wreck)

50 min North of our Dive center. 1945, H.M.S. Hildasay, a minesweeper is called to rescue another boat (his twin). During this operation, the boat ran aground but the whole crew resisted. The part of the boat that sank is between -17 m and -24 m.

The luckiest of you will spot reef sharks there and its home to groupers.


North of our Dive center, 10 min of navigation.

A large reef that extends to the south. The tip of the reef starts a little above -10 m. It is a home turtles and guitar rays.


North of our Dive center, +/- 40 min of navigation. Huge colonization of brain coral, this dive begins in -5 m.

Shark Alley

South of our Dive center, 15 min of navigation. This reef has been named after its famous «guitar sharks» and white tip reef sharks.

Small corals are situated around the dive site, accompanied by a big coral mound in the middle. A very good reef for beginners.

The dive is between -8 m and -22 m.

Tiwi dive sites

North of our Dive center, 35 min of navigation. This reef, where corals abound, is a superb drop-off ranging from -6 m to -27 m.

Visibility is very variable, strongly favored by the flow of the Tiwi River which flows into the sea. This is also where a school of Barracudas lives.

WAA Coral

North of our Dive center, 45 min of navigation. This dive is for all levels, whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, you will enjoy this dive sites.

This site is rich in macro so its ideal for photographers.

Kisite National Marine Park Dive Sites

Kisite National Marine Park is considered to be the most magnificent of all Kenyan marine parks. It covers an area of 39 km² and comprises four small islands surrounded by coral-reef. Major attractions include dolphins (bottlenose and humpback dolphins), sea turtles (mainly green turtle and hawksbill), sea birds, and a multitude of coral fishes. With a bit of luck, you can spot humpback whales during their migration time from July to October.

Kisite Atoll Inside

South of our dive center. You will arrive at Kisite.

The reef offers breathtaking visibility due to its shallow depth as well as a wide variety of fish. It is very common to meet dolphins there, and sometimes even to swim with them. A little further on, a strip of sand invites those who wish to do other leisure activities or sunbathing.

Snorkellers, beginner or advanced diver, this is one of the dive sites for you.

Nyuli Reef

South of our Dive center, 70 min of navigation depending on the current.

This could be called “Manta’s home” as thee rays are there as at home. This site is accessible only during the dry season.

It is the top of the diving spots in the area, ideally located in the protected Shimoni’s marine park, this dive is reserved for experienced divers with absolute respect for marine life but also and above all with its depth, between -30 m and – 50 m (sandy terrain).

New Place

North of our Dive center, 25 min of navigation depending on the current.

This nearly 2 km long reef is not, as its name suggests, “new”. The slope that starts at -6m is gentle and leads to a sandy bottom in the -20 m zone. It is common to come across turtles there.

Drift diving is sometimes possible here.

Pink Reef 

80 min in the South of our Dive center. Located in the Kisite’s Marine Park, this dive spot is characterized by its magnificent cover of soft and pink corals, hence its name.

The dive is between -14 m and -17 m.

Shimo Ndogo

South of our Dive center, 80 min of navigation. A superb drift along a magnificent drop-off, this dive is between -14 m and -26 m.

Neutral buoyancy facing the reef and let the current carry you.